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Laser Tattoo Lightening

Do you have a black tribal band but want a Japanese sleeve? Have you got a cover-up tattoo that didn’t come out how the artist promised? Lightening your tattoo with laser is the answer.

What is Tattoo Lightening?

Tattoo Lightening is the same process as tattoo removal except it takes less treatments because the goal is not to completely remove the tattoo but to "lighten" it.

This treatment is recommended for someone who wants new work in place of their old tattoo. By lightening your existing tattoo, it makes it much easier for the tattoo artist to put new work in its place. It also gives them more creative options than doing a cover up over an unlightened tattoo.

We schedule laser appointments every 10-12 weeks to allow you to get the optimal result from each treatment with the least amount of trauma.

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